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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • This labels is used when we want to make changes to existing functionality
  • Issue-Type::Todo
    Digital Twin
    Tasks which are not included in Scrum
  • Issue-Type::User Story
    Digital Twin
    All Issues that are part of Epic need to use this label. Reason for that is Gitlab doesn't have User Stories and we want to stick with this name.
  • JIRA
    Digital Twin
    Marked tasks will be moved to the Jira
  • Agenda for Product Meetings
  • Meeting::Tech Meeting
    Digital Twin
    Agenda for Tech Meeting
  • Needs Weight
    Digital Twin
    User story that is missing weight
  • Next Sprint
    Digital Twin
    This User Story / Bug needs to be taken into next sprint
  • Platform:Mobile
    Digital Twin
    ??? iOS, iPadOS, Android
  • State::Backlog
    Digital Twin
    User Stories / Epics that are ready to be taken into Sprint (have DoR)
  • State::On Hold
    Digital Twin
    The work has already started in some scope, but for a specific reason had to stop. Define this reason in the comment.
  • State::To Review
    Digital Twin
    User Stories / Epics that are already finished and waiting for review from involved parties
  • Team:3D Artists
    Digital Twin
    User Stories / Epics for Team 3D Artists (Kevin Kopasz, Maros Stuler)
  • Team:Alpha
    Digital Twin
    User Stories / Epics for Team Alpha (Patrik Pasko, Michal Celeng, Peter Stingel)