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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • !Priority::Critical
    Digital Twin
    Tasks that has highed priority.
  • Bug / Epics / 3D Model that is missing priority.
  • The Epics with this label can't be prioritized since there is not order for client. So the delivery dates are not clear.
  • 3D Model
    Digital Twin
    Label used to filter work on 3D Models
  • Agile-State::All DoR
    Digital Twin
    Epic & and all its USs are DoR
  • User Story with this label will be discussed during the Backlog Refinement
  • Agile-State::Epic DoR
    Digital Twin
    Epic is ready, so US can be defined
  • Agile-State::Failed
    Digital Twin
    User Story with this label failed, because it couldn't be implemented in the way it is written down.
  • Agile-State::Invalid
    Digital Twin
    This User Story is not valid for Sprint
  • Agile-State::Moved
    Digital Twin
    This label means that User Story couldn't be completed in previous Sprint, so it was moved to next one (reason must be specified in comment)
  • Agile-State::US DoR
    Digital Twin
    DoR - Definition of Ready, User Story is ready a reviewed, so is valid for Sprint Planning
  • Bug-origin::External
    Digital Twin
    Use this Bug Type if a bug is reported by 3rd party (client, customer, etc.), and add the customer/reporter name if possible so that we might follow up if needed.
  • Reported by 3rd party (client, customer, etc.) under SLA agreement, and we are legally bound to fix it in a pre-agreed time frame - automatically High priority!
  • Bug-origin::Internal
    Digital Twin
    Use this Bug Type if we have discovered the bug internally and no customers complain about it yet.
  • Bug-origin::Undefined
    Digital Twin
    Please specify. If you are not able to specify, add a comment with @name (who should help to specify it).
  • Bug-severity::Critical
    Digital Twin
    System Down. Complete system outage. The primary functionality is not working for several customers. Or there is threat of data breach/loss or system exploitation.
  • Bug-severity::Major
    Digital Twin
    A severe downgrade of important functionality/service. It does not impact a customer's business continuity but causes discomfort for a customer; a workaround exists; otherwise, it would be critical.